To ensure better standard of living of the people around us and the above aims have been decided to fulfill the objective of providing better standard of living to everyone.
  • To ensure the equal interest of everyone in the society giving the highest importance to growth of people.
  • To generate employment opportunity for those who are unemployed in order to help them to sustain.
  • Fulfilling the dreams of those who wish to be educated by providing them better education.
  • Ensuring good health by providing them with basic health care facility and setting up health camps in areas where there is lack of medical facilities.
  • To protect the environment by educating the masses and taking necessary step.

Adarsh Charitable Foundation is an NGO based in Rajasthan, India whose main focus is on various issues related to People, Education, Environment, Employment and Health (PEEEH).Services of those interested in providing voluntary labor in their spare time to improve lives of people and moving towards equality, are sought here. The NGO operates nationally and promises to provide help to people all over India.

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